Sugar and Fat Free Granola

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Delicious and crunchy, and Gluten free!!

NO added FAT OR SUGAR and quick to make.....What's not to like?

You can enjoy crunchy Granola without all those extra calories!

Plus adding your own mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit means you can enjoy a more luxurious breakfast mix.  

Enjoy this Granola sprinkled over 0% fat natural yogurt, and top with fresh or frozen and thawed fruit. Layer it up in a posh bowl to make even more appetizing!

prep: 10 mins

cook : 25 mins

15 servings

Keeps for 1 month in an airtight container


300g rolled oats

50g sesame seeds / linseeds/ chia seeds or a mix

50g pecans

2 tsp cinnamon powder

50g medjool dates chopped

50g raisins

50g dried apricots chopped


100g dried berries (from supermarket baking aisle)

3 egg whites

50g pumpkin seeds

100g flaked almonds


line a baking sheet, and heat the oven to 160° fan.

Beat the egg whites into soft peaks.

Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl with the cinnamon powder and mix. 

Fold in the beaten egg whites and make sure the mix is completely covered.


Pour into the baking sheet. Allow the mix to be a little crowded in the pan to make sure they clump together, but don't layer too thickly - you still want the Granola to cook through to be crunchy. 

Press down gently with the back of the spoon.

Bake for 25 mins or until the granola is slightly golden. 

Leave to cool and then transfer to container.

**If you really want extra sweetness, drizzle a small amount (1 tsp) of honey on top of your breakfast serving, at least this way you can control the amount of sugar you are adding to the Granola per serving.**